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Explore new perspectives from the comfort of your couch. The MOTA VR Headset is an immersive experience offering a world within a world of adventure. Our lucid headset can live stream our JETJAT ULTRA Drones' feed right to your field of view. Real Life Experience Crystal clear quality will make you question what's real and what isn't. Watch 360* videos and enjoy endless journeys whether you're escaping a haunted house or riding a roller coaster, the fun will always feel real! Comfortable and Secure The VR Headset delicately fits any head shape and size, providing a snug fit for hours of virtual fun. Immersive to the Core At the core of the TAMO Headset, we believe adventure is never far and we culminate the spirit of exploration into one VR headset. Seamless Navigation The headset provides effortless mobility and the freedom to roam about; You can easily submerge yourself in different dimensions of reality. A Dose of Virtual Reality Escape the rigors of daily life by indulging in the delicacies of a virtual buffet or feel the adrenaline rush of an intergalactic mission to distant planets.
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