MOTA Pro Live-4000 – Extreme Quadcopter with Auto Land and Take off
MOTA Pro Live-4000 – Extreme Quadcopter with Auto Land and Take off
MOTA Pro Live-4000 – Extreme Quadcopter with Auto Land and Take off

MOTA Pro Live-4000 – Extreme Quadcopter with Auto Land and Take off

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Pro Grade Affordability

The Pro Live-4000 has a great price point that makes it possible for you to pilot a professional level drone without making a huge investment. The Pro Live-4000 is compact for easy flight, and comes with the One Touch Landing and Take-off function that will make it easy for you to start flying and impress everyone you know. With the Hi definition camera and the stability needed to use it, you’ll have a hard time finding another drone with the same functionalities at a better price.


Be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly, as any technical thing will take some time to understand, so the manual will give you a headstart. Refer to our website for additional information about our product, as well as a fly safely poster to help you take care of you, your drone, and others when you decide to embark on your adventure.

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Any industry can utilize a drone, and with this one at an affordable price it’s time you got one. Stable flight allows for a good eye in the sky and headlights allow for effective flight in the dark as well. Utilize this drone to inspect leaks in roofs or issues with wiring in tight dark places that would be a hassle for humans. Drone technology lets you get a new perspective and therefore lets you work in new ways that can increase productivity. Drone technology can be used in almost any industry. Workers in the energy industry can use this drone in hard-to-reach places like power plants or cable lines to identify issues using live stream. Construction workers can use it to inspect dangerous areas to reduce the risk of accidents, and they can actually survey huge construction sites with an aerial view instead of spending time going up and down service elevators or walking around large perimeter sites.


  • Pro live-4000 comes capable of live streaming right out of box. Additional features include One-Touch Landing and Take-off to make it ready to fly with the push of a button

  • Impress your friends and family: Effective flying toy for flying around houses or during outdoor barbeques or beach parties

  • 360 mAh Lithium Battery allows for 6-7 minutes of flight time with video with a control range of about 80 m. Crazy 3D tumbling feature lets you bank hard turns and flip and barrel through the air.

  • High End Visuals – 720p camera with ability to shoot photo and live stream video leaves creativity open ended for how you want to film your next outing, vacation, or adventure.

Package Contents

  • 1 Dedicated Controller with Video Display (batteries not included
  • 1 Pro Live-4000 Drone
  • 1 Set of Replacement Blades
  • 1 Replaceable Hi-Po Lithium Battery
  • Charging Accesories

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