MOTA GIGA-6000  Commercial-Grade Drone
MOTA GIGA-6000  Commercial-Grade Drone
MOTA GIGA-6000  Commercial-Grade Drone
MOTA GIGA-6000  Commercial-Grade Drone

MOTA GIGA-6000 Commercial-Grade Drone

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Product Overview

We built our GIGA-6000 with the business consumer in mind. There will be industrial roles for drones that won’t be fulfilled by our Pro Live or JETJAT models, so now the GIGA series will help your business realize its full potential. Use our GIGA drones in the agricultural, remote surveillance, or energy industry to disperse pollen, remotely inspect dangerous areas, or replace cable lines. Integrating drone technology in your business increases productivity and promotes worker safety at the same time.

Pro-Grade Gear for your Day-To-Day

We know that not everybody is an expert pilot in aviation. We made it easy for anyone to fly this drone because we know anybody can find a use for it in any industry. As well as having the 6 axis gyroscope technology, you gain additional stability through the Dual GPS system, allowing for ultra-accurate reading of its position. Most of the flying is done by the drone so that you can focus on the millions of applications you can use it for.

Fly Out of Sight, See the World Differently

With its own dedicated controller you can live stream high resolution footage from HD action sports cameras that you can attach yourself with our optional gimbal. Professional photographers could find a multitude of uses for this as well: getting aerial shots can make videography look cinematic. Real estate agents can use our GIGA-6000 with their own cameras and take fantastic video in and around properties to help market their properties.


Our GIGA Series will need to be registered with the FAA. Please be sure to do so and refer to our website for other fly safety pro tips. Also be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly, as there are pre-flight calibrations that need to be done before you can fly it to the fullest. As always all MOTA products come with our 5-star dedicated customer service. If you are having issues with shipping, defective product, or usability, please contact us and we will get back to you within hours


  • Introducing a high end UAV from our commercial series drones: the GIGA 6000! Commercial features include follow me, return home, FMS and Dual GPS Stability. Powerful quadcopter has many applications.

  • Follow me lets your drone follow autonomously and return home keeps your drone within range, “returning home” when it flies too far. FMS Performance mapping lets you maneuver around obstacles easily.

  • A Bird’s Eye View - GIGA series comes equipped with new Dual GPS tech, allowing for high stability flight. Dedicated controller comes with high resolution monitor to let you fly your drone in FPV.

  • GIGA-6000 can provide extreme aerial photography or agile remote inspection. Attach rotational gimbals for GoPro and other action sports cameras for high definition drone footage.

  • Accessories: Optional DRONES HANDS Flight Management System enables programmable remote robotic features for unique missions (Expected 2016). Optional Gimbal for GoPro, both Sold Separately.

Package Contents

  • Transmitter (Remote Control Unit)
  • Aircraft (GIGA-6000)
  • Charger
  • Balance Charger
  • Gimbal
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement Blades
  • User manual
  • SD Card

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