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MOTA GIGA-8000 Commercial Grade Drone

MOTA GIGA-8000 Commercial Grade Drone

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Top of the line Quadcopter from our commercial series drones, MOTA Giga™-8000! Now with FMS, Performance Mapping, Follow Me, Return Home, & Dual GPS Stability - 25 min. flight time, up to 800M range, Optional Drone Hands Coming Soon!

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The Smoking Gun

Our commercial line of drones is meant to be the final resource you need for your everyday business. Use it for pollinating fields, getting aerial views of real estate, or inspecting remote areas that are hard-to-reach. Deliver payloads to a different location, safely replacing cables on a power line, or remotely inspect traffic accidents or sites that cannot be easily accessible. Integrating drone technology in your work can streamline your business and stimulate productivity.

Product Overview

Our powerful 4 rotor drone comes with a replaceable battery that allows up to 25 minutes of flight time. High resolution LCD screen displays parameters for a user friendly flight experience. GPS receivers on the drone allows for advanced drone functions like performance mapping, Dual GPS stability, Return Home and Follow Me. Integrated Hi-Definition camera allows for great aerial videography, with an SD Card slot to store it all and easily show your friends and family.

Maximum Utility

Our GIGA-8000 comes already equipped with a few functions, but will always be able to be updated as new functions come out. Thanks to the GPS receivers we were able to program the UAV to “Return Home” to come back home if it ever flies out of its control range. Follow Me is also a new function we programmed allowing you free movement by following you based on the location of your controller. The GIGA series will also come equipped with performance mapping, which will allow you to automate paths for the drone to fly, providing more flexibility for flying around obstacles or specialized missions that require precise maneuvers.

DRONE HANDS™ will be coming soon and commercial applications of a drone having robotic arms are infinite. You will be able to have your drone pick up and drop off payloads, grab and use different tools for different jobs. REMOTE HANDS flight management system allows programmable flight with waypoints to execute missions quickly and efficiently. Advanced drone technology like this will change the way we look at industry labor into a more productive, efficient and safer model.


  • Introducing a high end UAV from our commercial series drones, the GIGA 8000, now with FMS-enabled, Follow Me, Return Home, and Dual GPS Stability – whatever the industry, integrate drone technology into your business and outperform your competitors.

  • Integrated Technologies - GIGA-8000 quadcopter is programmable for future updates and comes with Follow Me function that will track your controller, as well as the ability to Return Home if your drone ever falls out of range from the controller.

  • GIGA series comes equipped new Dual GPS tech, allowing for high stability flight – coupled with an integrated 1080p camera on a 2 axis gimbal, GIGA-8000 can provide extreme aerial photography or agile remote inspection.

  • Top-tier replaceable 5400 mAh lithium battery – Extended flight time with a control range of over 1000 meters lets you go beyond line of sight and take breathtaking footage from a drone’s perspective.

  • Optional DRONES HANDS™ enables programmable remote robotic features for unique missions.

Package Contents

  • Transmitter (Remote Control Unit)
  • Aircraft (GIGA-8000)
  • Propellers
  • 3S Li-Polymer battery (5,400 mAh capacity)
  • Landing Skid (2PCS)
  • Charger
  • Pad (2PCS)
  • Belt/Lanyard
  • User manual
Additional Information

Additional Information

EAN / UPC 0799665747466
Compatible With No
  • Battery Capacity: 5400 mAh;
  • Product Size (in): 15.7 x 15.7 x 8.5;
  • G.W/N.W (lb): 31.5/26;
Package Contents
  • Transmitter (Remote Control Unit);
  • Aircraft (GIGA-8000);
  • Propellers;
  • 3S Li-Polymer battery (5,400 mAh capacity);
  • Landing Skid (2PCS);
  • Charger;
  • Pad (2PCS);
  • Belt/Lanyard;
  • User manual;